step 1

Potential access to new treatments

You may get access to a completely new product long before it can be purchased or prescribed.

step 2

Contribute to medical knowledge and help others

Studies gather valuable knowledge that may help thousands of people living with skin conditions.

step 3

Expert medical care throughout study

You will be under the care of a health care professional during the entire clinical study process.

Four steps towards participating

Step 1
Create your Studies&Me profile and fill out the questionnaire.
Step 2
Our dermatologists evaluate your answers and we check for relevant studies.
Step 3
We send you a description of the suggested study and you can choose to join or not.
Step 4
A doctor in your area can contact you for the introduction, first visit and study start.
With Studies&Me we make it easier for people with skin conditions to find the right study, contribute to medical knowledge and help test new treatments.
Dr. John Zibert
Dr. John Zibert
Medical Director