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Potential access to new eczema treatments

You may get access to a completely new product long before it can be purchased or prescribed.

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Contribute to medical knowledge and help others

Studies gather valuable knowledge that may help thousands of people living with skin conditions.

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Expert medical care throughout study

You will be under the care of a health care professional during the entire clinical study process.

Four steps towards participating

Create your Studies&Me profile and fill out the questionnaire.
Our dermatologists evaluate your answers and we check for relevant studies.
We send you a description of the suggested study and you can choose to join or not.
A doctor in your area can contact you for the introduction, first visit and study start.
With Studies&Me we make it easier for people with skin conditions to find the right study, contribute to medical knowledge and help test new treatments.
Dr. John Zibert
Medical Director

What is a clinical study?

In clinical studies, new treatments are scientifically tested to clarify if the new medication is better, more effective or safer than current available treatments for a certain skin disease.

By participating in a study, you might benefit from receiving a new, more efficient treatment for your skin condition. Other times, you receive the current standard care for your skin condition or placebo (i.e. a pill or injection without medication).

This method helps determine whether the tested medication is effective for your skin condition, offers any benefits compared to existing treatments, or causes unexpected side effects. Expert medical care is available to you during the entire study.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be compensated for participating?

In some cases, the treatment being tested is very expensive in itself – but compensation for transportation is usually provided.

Is my data secure with you?

We will only provide your data to doctors responsible for the study you take part in – and only with your consent.

How do I opt out if I have already joined?

If you wish to opt out before the study begins, you can contact us at at any time to have your data deleted. During the study, you can contact the doctor if you wish to stop participating.

What about side effects?

During a clinical study, you will have qualified health care providers monitoring your health and skin condition closely, identifying benefits or possible side effects very early to ensure your safety and the quality of the drug.

What are the risks of participating?

As with all treatments, new treatments can have risks. The risk of experiencing side effects varies and depends on which treatment is tested and the phase of the clinical trial. If you are interested in a clinical study, a doctor will explain the risks thoroughly before you decide to participate.

Is it free to participate in a study?

Yes, taking part in a clinical study is completely free. In some studies, the products being tested are expensive - but all costs are covered by the sponsor of the study.

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About Studies&Me

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